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Growing up in Waconia, I knew I wanted to remain in a close-knit community. Victoria had the small town charm I desired, so I decided to plant my business here in September of 2020.

Your health and wellness aspirations are my top priority. I am here to listen to your story and help guide you to your goals through Eastern Medicine. It is my hope that you make The Wellness Studio your new wellness home.

Warmest Regards,

           Sybil MCM. L.Ac.  |  Owner 


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Patient Notes...

“Sybil is fantastic! I was having severe plantar fasciitis and after just a single session I noticed a drastic improvement. She also works wonders on headaches. I was going on a couple day headache and before she had all the needles placed I could feel the headache leaving. I left her office feeling like a new person!” 

Age 41 | Plantar Fasciitis + Headaches