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Let's See That Tongue!

Ever wonder why your acupuncturist asks to look at your tongue during your session?!

No worries, I did too before going to school for acupuncture!

Your tongue diagnosis is part of a road map to your health and it tells your practitioner what's going on in your body -- how awesome! Think of it like a snapshot!

As you can see in the photo to the left, TCM organs have their own "section" of the tongue. With these sections in mind, we look for "clues" -- meaning we look at the color, texture, coating, and overall shape of the tounge. These "clues" help your practitioner determine what TCM diagnosis you are dealing with. After gathering the information needed, your practitioner will know which additional points to include in your acupuncture treatment plan.

What's normal? A “normal” and healthy tongue is a fresh pink color, a medium thickness with a rooted light white coat on it (rooted meaning it cannot be scraped off easily). It is free of cracks, spots, ulcers, or teeth marks.

Check out the photo below of different tongues your practitioner sees on a daily basis and what our TCM Diagnosis are! Pretty interesting, right?!

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