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TCM Organ Clock

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

The photo at the bottom of the page shows the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) organ clock. Within a 24 hour time period, every 2 hours is correlated with a specific organ. At the time frame, this is when that organ is at it's peak!

This clock provides acupuncturist clues as to where an imbalance may be going on if you bring up certain times in your intake! So lets talk about it...

3am - 5am | LUNG - Get those lungs moving with an awesome work out! However, the lungs in TCM are influenced by sadness and grief which could lead to a weakened immune system. If this is the case, feel free to stay in bed and rest.

5am - 7am | LARGE INTESTINE - This is the best time to pass a bowel movement. If you notice that your BM's are hard to pass and you feel constipated, drink warm/hot water to promote movement.

7am - 9am | STOMACH - Time for a healthy breakfast! If you are a person who isn't hungry for breakfast, the digestion system should be looked at!

9am - 11am | SPLEEN - In TCM, the Spleen digests food creating it into Qi (energy) and blood! Energy levels should be high and thinking should be clearest. If this time is tiring for you, we'll check your TCM spleen organ.

11am - 1pm | HEART - This is a time to be gentle to yourself, be mindful! Eat lunch away from your desk and notice a spike in energy! Your heart is pumping and your blood is circulating!

1pm - 3pm | SMALL INTESTINE - During this time, in a perfect world, we would take a nap! Let your food digest and absorb.

3pm - 5pm | URINARY BLADDER - Your energy should be restored here. Your liquids should be released. Try increasing your liquids before this timeframe or during if your urine is on the darker yellow side. This is a great time to finish up your work and studies.

5pm - 7pm | KIDNEYS - Time to eat your dinner! In TCM, your nutrients are stored in the kidneys. The Kidney energy promotes the development of blood, healthy respiration, sex drive, bone development and repair, aging and more.

7pm - 9pm | PERICARDIUM - Self love all the way! Spend quality time with family or friends. Put all electronics away and connect. This is the best time to conceive too!

9pm - 11pm | TRIPLE BURNER - Zzz... time for bed! The best restful sleep is between 10/11pm - 6/7am.

11pm - 1am | GALL BLADDER - Having trouble sleeping? Self doubt? Difficult decisions weighing on your mind? These are all symptoms of a Gall Bladder disharmony in TCM. If the Gall Bladder is weak then this function is not fully completed resulting in various aches and pains in the morning. Your body should be resting deeply, releasing bile, and restoring cells.

1am - 3am | LIVER - If you're waking up between this timeframe, it's a sign of stress, anger, resentment, irritability, or drinking too much = liver imbalance. Sleep should be deep while your body detoxs and restores itself.

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