"Sybil is fantastic! I was having severe plantar fasciitis and after just a single session I noticed a drastic improvement. She also works wonders on headaches. I was going on a couple day headache and before she had all the needles placed I could feel the headache leaving. I left her office feeling like a new person!"

Age 41  |  Plantar Fasciitis & Headaches 

"I had never tried acupuncture before until recently with Sybil and I couldn't believe I waited so long! It has been life changing! I suffer from migraines and they amplify with pregnancy but ever since I started acupuncture I have noticed a drastic change. I use to get them every other day, and now I've gone two weeks without one! So amazing!"

Age 27  |  Migraines during Pregnancy

"Absolutely amazing!! Sybil has such a calming presence to be around and I learn something new each time I go! I have suffered from a frozen shoulder and she has been integral in helping it heal!"

Age 36  |  Frozen Shoulder 

"Going to The Wellness Studio was my first experience with both acupuncture and cupping! Sybil did and has done a wonderful job doing what she loves, it truly shows! It has changed my life and the way I feel is so much better! I highly recommend trying out acupuncture for any of your needs at The Wellness Studio!"

Age 19  |  Anxiety, Depression & Hormones  

"I love my biweekly appointments with Sybil! She's super caring and her space is perfect for healing. I've been going to her for a few months as part of my pregnancy wellness routine. I highly recommend checking her out!"

Age 26  |  Pregnancy Support 

"The Positives: Customer Service, Wait TimeEnvironment, Quality. The treatment was relaxing and I woke up the morning after feeling so much better! I am so happy and fortunate to have found Sybil with her Wellness Studio!"

Age 54  |  Back Tension & Emotion Support  

"In search of alternative care for my tennis elbow, I found The Wellness Studio conveniently located in Victoria. I had never tried acupuncture before, so I entered with some apprehension and anxiety. Sybil expressed compassion and empathy, and she has been consistently caring, calm and attentive. She treated both my tennis elbow and anxiety. I couldn’t be happier with the results! The space Sybil has created is both clean and welcoming. I was able to book an appointment easily through Instagram, which was super convenient."

Age 44  |  Tennis Elbow & Anxiety