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Welcome, Illnesses.

Tis the season for illness -- ugh! In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we use food therapy to help improve symptoms and TCM diagnosis's. For now, we will focus on colds, flus, and viruses.

When it comes to seasonal colds, there are 2 main TCM Diagnosis's. The first is called "Wind Cold" - chills are worse than the fever. The other is called "Wind Heat" - fever is worse than chills. In the clinic, we look in depth at the presenting symptoms, as well as your tongue and pulse to make a more specific diagnosis.

Food Therapy Recommendations for Illnesses

For either of these diagnosis (Wind Cold or Wind Heat) it's recommended to eat soft, liquid foods and avoiding eating greasy food or seafood.

Quick Tip

Wind Cold -- add warmth to your diet (ex: cinnamon or ginger) to help relieve the chills.

Wind Heat -- drink peppermint tea or use peppermint essential oils to help cool the heat.

Below, I've shared an extremely easy TCM soup to help kick either illness to the curb!

Here's what you'll need and why:


Properties: Sweet, Bitter and Cold

Effects: the Stomach and Liver

Functions: Clears Heat, Calms the Liver, Expels Wind (TCM Illness), Drains Dampness.


Properties: Pungent, Acrid and Warm

Effects: the Stomach and Liver

Functions: Induces Sweating and Releases Exterior (helps illness escape out).


Properties: Acrid and Hot

Effects: the Lung, Spleen and Stomach

Functions: Warms and Tonifies the Middle, Expels the Cold, Restores Devastated Yang, Warms the Lungs, Transforms Fluids, Warms the Channels.

ONION (1/2)

Properties: Pungent, Bitter and Warm

Effects: the Lungs, Stomach and Large Intestine

Functions: Warms the Yang, Dissolves Hard Masses, Descends Qi.


Properties: Pungent and Warm

Effects: the Stomach, Spleen and Lung

Functions: Reinforces the Stomach, Regulates Qi, Induces Sweating, Promotes Venting of Rashes.

Add Bone Broth and a few drops of Sesame Oil and Honey to taste.

Boil for 30 minutes and enjoy!

Remember, food is medicine - so lets use it!

Stay health this season!

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