Lets Talk... Colds.

Lets Talk... Colds.

When someone comes down with a cold, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we view the sickness as an “evil” entering your body. This "evil" is typically Wind -- yes, from the wind outside! When our “Wei Qi” is weak, this can allow us to get sick. Think of Wei Qi as in your immune system, it protects your body from exterior/environmental “evils”! It is said that "wind is the mother of 1,000 evils."

There are 2 primary TCM diagnosis when it comes to colds:

1) Wind Cold

- Chills worse than fever

- Cough with clear/white phlegm

- Aversion to cold and wind

- Headache/Body Aches

2) Wind Heat

- Fever worse than chills

- Cough with yellow phlegm

- Sore throat

- Congested nose with yellow mucus

- Slight sweating

- Thirst

Acupuncture | Needling specific points can help reduce phlegm/mucus, expel the “evil” from your body, reduce heat with Wind Heat, tonify Wei Qi, reduce your cough, and help other symptoms you may be presenting with.

Herbs | Taking herbs with colds is extremely beneficial! Make sure you talk with an Licensed Acupuncturist first regarding herbal formulas. These formulas have specific functions, so we want to make sure it is the correct formula for your symptoms.

With that being said, some go-to formulas we use are:

- Yu Ping Feng San -- Wind Cold SSx.

- Yin Qiao San -- Wind Heat SSx.

- Xiao Chai Hu Tang -- when the cold lingers around.

Other Tips

- Eat and drink warm temperatures.

- Stay away from cold/raw/iced foods and beverages.

- Keep the back of your neck covered. This area is where “evil” can enter and lead to sickness.

- After a workout or activity, don’t take a cold shower or go into the cold. Your pores are open and this leaves your Wei Qi vulnerable.

- Bundle up if going outside, or take a room temp/warm shower.

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