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Based on a patient’s symptoms and presentation, a combination of herbs is selected to treat the symptoms, achieve better balance in the body, and prevent the onset of symptoms in the future. Herbal formulas are most commonly administered in pills, powders, tinctures, or as dried herbs that are prepared as boiled tea called a decoction. Herbal medicine is the administration of herbs in specific doses.

Herbs are also used in moxibustion, an important modality in Chinese medicine. In moxibustion, mugwort is burned and held over the surface of the skin to introduce a deeply warming, moving, supportive energy to the body.


Herbal formulas may be added along with acupuncture sessions. Pricing varies.


Food therapy is an effective way to address a variety of health concerns, promote healing, achieve balance from the inside out, and prevent the onset of disease and illness. This form of dietary counseling encourages mindful practices about what, when, and how we eat and drink. 

The easiest change is switching to room temperature/warm water and beverages, and eating warms meals with cooked vegetables. In Chinese Medicine, the digestive system is viewed as a boiling pot of water. When you add warm foods and beverages, it keeps the digestive system "boiling" (aka moving). When you add iced/cold beverages and raw vegetables, this slows the boiling down (aka stagnation/digestion issues).

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