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Cupping Therapy is the practice of using glass or plastic cups to create a suction effect on the skin. This effect increases blood circulation, loosens muscles and connective tissue, decreases inflammation and creates a soothing effect on the nervous system. The cups can be moved over the surface of the skin (Slide Cupping) or can be left in one location (Stationary Cupping).

Common areas for cupping are the back, hamstrings, calves and quadriceps. 


Cupping Therapy for back tension and back pain

"Sybil's studio came as a recommendation to me from a friend and I couldn't be happier with the referral! She has always been very kind, compassionate, and gentle during my visits to her wellness studio. She genuinely cares about the health of her clients and is always willing to share resources/books and teach about the importance of Chinese medicine. She is the only one I see for cupping because she is down to earth and always helps my chronic pain. I also plan to see her for acupuncture in the future, too."

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